Ample free-play time among the Activity Centers is balanced with various structured activities that help the children come together as a group and focus on specific skills.

Circle Time

At Circle Time, the whole group gathers together in a circle for discussion and songs led by the teachers.  Circle Time gives the children an opportunity to talk about things that concern all of them, building the sense of the child as part of a community. Shy children are given the opportunity to be noticed and included. Bolder and more outgoing children are given the opportunity to focus on others around them.

During group and circle time children are led through a variety of songs and rhymes which involve finger play, counting, sequencing, body awareness, and seasonal changes. Thus music and games allow for the introduction of educational content. Also, learning to sit in a group can be difficult for young children. Music and songs help draw them in.

Snack Time

Children hard at play need food to fuel their efforts, but in addition Snack Time becomes a time to focus on appropriate behavior within a group and on personal responsibility. During Snack Time, the children gather around a table and deal with issues of patience and respect for one another. When appropriate, children are encouraged to pour their own juice, and also to clean up after themselves. This develops fine motor skills and furthers a sense of independence. Snack Time is a time to share in special events, such as birthdays, which can give a child a sense of personal importance within the group.

Play Time

Every day includes a period of Play Time with large, climbing equipment, riding toys, balls, and the like. Usually this is outside, but on rainy or especially cold days it happens inside. Play Time allows children to focus on gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. It offers the release of pent-up energy. It also becomes a fine setting to explore social dynamics, as children join together in games like Follow The Leader, or fantasy games that involve role-playing and running around.

Field trips

Throughout the year, the children go on special field trips which allow them to explore the large world around them. They visit fire stations, zoos, farms, bakeries, dentists' and doctors' offices, and so forth. Field trips are an opportunity to break out of the normal routines of home life of the familiar preschool setting. They expand the children's sense of the world, increase their understanding of how things work and what people do, and awaken their thrill of discovery.