"Because of my daughter's severe separation anxiety, a cooperative environment was a prerequisite in choosing a nursery school for her. Throughout her two years at NSN, she developed her social skills and her confidence; and although she is heartbroken to leave her beloved nursery school, she is well-prepared and excited for Kindergarten in the fall!"
Jamie S.

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Perhaps the most important benefit to being a member of a cooperative nursery school is that it is an opportunity to stay involved in your son or daughter’s pre-school education.  For most of us, these years are the first and last chance we’ll get to truly be a part of our child’s educational experience.  In addition to being part of the rotating schedule of parent participation in the classroom, families really feel like a part of the school community.  Nursery School of the Nyacks is a wonderful network of alumnae and active students.  We are also able to keep our tuition low because we all pitch in to maintain the daily operation of our school.  Only our professional teaching staff is paid.  Lastly, because our school is run by a parent board, each family has a lot of input into how the school is run. (See more about the benefits of a cooperative in our Community section.)

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