"Because of my daughter's severe separation anxiety, a cooperative environment was a prerequisite in choosing a nursery school for her. Throughout her two years at NSN, she developed her social skills and her confidence; and although she is heartbroken to leave her beloved nursery school, she is well-prepared and excited for Kindergarten in the fall!"
Jamie S.

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There are 4 major components to participation in our school:  1) Parents participate in the classroom (bringing and serving snack, facilitating projects, helping button jackets and boots, etc.) on a rotating basis.  Depending on the number of children in the class and which class (Two Day Class parents participate more than Five Day Class), parents can expect to have their turn in the classroom once every 4-8 weeks. 2) One or both parents are expected to attend 3 general meetings per year.  This is a chance for us to come together and discuss upcoming events, classroom news, and the general business of the school.  3) Each family is given a choice about which of our operations committees to be involved in.  These committees are led by our executive board and range from shopping to class pet maintenance to public relations or fundraising.  The work is spread out between us so the load is generally minimal.  4) We keep our tuition low by holding several fundraisers during the year.  We generally hold a magic show, a raffle and a tag sale.  All families are expected to help coordinate and/or work these events. (See more about parents' cooperative responsibilities.)

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