"When my daughter was ready for nursery school, I knew that the hardest part of watching her go would be trusting her teachers with access to her heart and mind. For that reason, choosing NSN was an important and well researched decision. Our teachers love our children, honor their spirit and enjoy their quirks. They are phenomenal educators and amazing people."
Leanne P-R.

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Our Kids

Our curriculum encourages children to reach their full potential and helps to prepare them for their future kindergarten experience.

Social, emotional, and language development goals focus on helping the children gain self-confidence and self-esteem by encouraging them to identify and express their feelings freely. Special attention is given to help children resolve conflicts through the use of language. Teachers and parents help the children develop appropriate social skills in small and large group situations.

Development of gross and fine motor skills are fostered by offering the children an assortment of materials and equipment with which they can master tasks in an age-appropriate manner.

Sensory exploration goals aim at increasing the children's awareness of the world around them. This is achieved by introducing a variety of textures and objects into the classroom, including material from nature, in order to stimulate interest and learning in a fun and relaxed way. Teachers and parents offer an introduction to literacy through age appropriate reading and writing activities.

See more about the Activity Centers and Daily Activities.


• Individual and small group play
• Circle time and story time (Organized large group time)
• Book Corner
• Dramatic play materials (clothing, hats, etc.)
• Large and small blocks
• Music, singing and movement with instruments
• Climbing equipment
• Sand, water and wood working tables
• Manipulatives: pegs, puzzles, etc.
• Art materials: paint, crayons, paper, glue, collage materials, playdough, etc.
• Science materials: magnifying glasses, classroom 'pets', natural materials, age-appropriate experiments, etc.