"I could go on and on about how NSN's teachers and philosophy have fostered our son's social skills and imagination. However, one of the greatest benefits of NSN is the wonderful community of people we've found— it is a true community of caring, compassionate, and empathetic parents who care equally about their kids' first educational experiences. NSN is a Rockland gem!"
Lauren B.

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Parents & Community

This cooperative community provides rich and long-lasting benefits to both children and parents. The lessons of shared tasks, resources, responsibilities, and experiences provide important foundations— socially, intellectually, and creatively. Countless NSN chums continue to be close through middle school and beyond. Likewise, friendships among parents and families endure. The community steps up to help a family with a new baby, or one going through a difficult time. Parents swap play dates to cover for each other.

The strength of the co-op lies in the participation and teamwork of the entire school. Parents and teachers contribute their time, energy, and talents through specific commitments (see below), as well as a general attitude of pitching in when something needs to be done. In the spirit of "many-hands-make-light-work", the necessary tasks— and many inspired bonus projects— are accomplished. In any given year, the combination of parents at the school turns up serendipitous skills and gifts: a professional photographer, an experienced manager, a clever inventor, a persuasive salesperson, a determined organizer, a musician/artist/craftsperson.

To contribute to the day-to-day operations of the school, for each school year, parents commit to:
• Attend 4 general meetings
• Participate on a school committee or the Parent Board
• Participate in your child’s classroom on a rotating basis:
           Two Day Class – approximately every 6 weeks
           Three Day Class – 3–4x/year
           Five Day Class – 2–3x/year, plus as needed for special events
• Bring snacks for your child’s class on your participation day
• Participate in one toy/classroom clean-up day
• Actively participate in fundraising activities organized by the fundraising committee