"I chose Nursery School of the Nyacks because when I first visited the school, I fell in love with the teachers. Six years (and 3 kids) later, I feel the same way. My children have been privileged to have such patient, nurturing teachers who have encouraged them every step of the way."
Cathy H.

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Our Teachers

Our teachers have a great wealth of experience.  Amongst them, they have many years of education and training with children, including early childhood education, elementary education, art education, and children's special education.  Many of our teachers are also parents themselves, and have experienced the challenges and rewards of raising their own children.

Three of our five teachers (including both head teachers) have been with our school since its founding in 1998.  The continuity this has provided to both the children and the running of the school itself has proven invaluable.

Most importantly, our teachers are a unique group of nurturing and caring people who are able to see the children at Nursery School of the Nyacks as individuals.  Each child is provided with a secure environment in which to grow and build on their individual strengths and interests.